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Corsican sheep, also known as Mouflon sheep, originated from the Mediterranean islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Cyprus. Males have red-brown coats with a dark back stripe and light colored lower legs. Mature males can have impressive curled horns measuring over 30 inches. Black Hawaiian sheep are said to be a cross between a Mouflon and black hair sheep from the Hawaiian islands. They have a thick black coat and are usually black all over, although some sport a white muzzle. Horns can grow to a length of 40+ inches. Females are often devoid of horns. Black Hawaiians have a mane that ranges from 3 to 8 inches. Males can weigh up to 140 to 150 pounds while females usually weigh about half that much.

We have a number of Mouflon and Black Hawaiian rams on the ranch. They are very skittish and you will need to keep well hidden to shoot one.

Sheep Hunting Restrictions: Only males with at least a 3/4 curl may be hunted.

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